S1 Pharmacy

Various developments that occur at the national and global levels include the increasing need for quality health services. Globalization, which has a huge influence on the implementation of education and the quality of graduates, as well as the rapid development of science and technology, requires Indonesian higher pharmaceutical education to make fundamental changes in order to face the various challenges that exist. Globalization that allows mobility of health workers between countries can be a threat, but it is also an opportunity for our pharmaceutical workers to be able to take part at the national level and abroad.

The Pharmacy Study Program (PSF) of the Faculty of Halal Industry at UNU Yogyakarta plays an active role in producing a generation of Bachelor of Pharmacy graduates with the ability to carry out pharmaceutical work. PSF UNU Yogyakarta has produced graduates who have worked in various pharmaceutical fields such as pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and the pharmaceutical industry.

UNU Yogyakarta’s PSF is supported by experienced teaching staff and adequate learning support facilities to support excellence in the field of pharmaceutical services and pharmaceutical technology laboratories. The specific excellence instilled in UNU Yogyakarta’s PSF students is in the field of pharmaceutical services and pharmaceutical technology, especially the pharmaceutical industry, both producing and guaranteeing the quality and halalness of pharmaceutical preparations, namely drugs, traditional medicines and cosmetics professionally, including in terms of drug distribution.

Careers of pharmacy graduates have the opportunity to occupy jobs in various pharmaceutical facilities such as pharmacies, hospitals and health centers. In addition, graduates can also carry out services by working in government agencies (BPOM and the Health Office), various types of industries including the drug, food, herbal medicine, herbal medicine and cosmetics industries, in research institutions, clinical laboratories, quality testing laboratories, drug information agencies, health insurance agencies and can take part in the field of education.


Learning Outputs

  1. Able to provide assistance for self-medication by patients, both drugs and traditional medicines, counseling, searching, making media, and delivering information on pharmaceutical supplies to the community in accordance with the guidelines.
  2. Able to communicate and collaborate in analyzing pharmaceutical work problems, compiling information, reports, thoughts, effectively communicating them in various forms of media to other health workers and the general public, as well as documenting information for the purposes of developing pharmaceutical work.
  3. Able to be responsible for all pharmaceutical work independently supervised by pharmacists in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations and code of ethics and manage self-learning in an effort to improve the ability of technical pharmaceutical work
  4. Able to carry out the preparation of prescribed drugs, as well as carry out the preparation and sterilization process of medical devices
  5. Able to formulate and produce pharmaceutical preparations including traditional medicine preparations according to applicable standards
  6. Able to follow the development of science in the field of pharmacy and able to utilize information systems and technology for various needs in carrying out pharmaceutical work.

Career Prospects

  1. Product staff
  2. Pharmacy and health facility manager type B
  3. Pharmaceutical technical personnel
  4. Halal Auditor and Supervisor
  5. Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur
  6. Lecturer in Pharmacy
  7. Researcher in the field of Pharmacy
  8. Regulatory affairs

Success Story

AstraZeneca is known as one of the vaccines that saved many human lives from the Covid-19 virus. The creation of the vaccine cannot be separated from the sophistication and rapid development of the pharmaceutical world. 2 researchers who are members of the vaccine discovery team are Indonesian citizens.
The pharmaceutical world is not only related to the process of creating vaccines but also other innovations. We know a well-known herbal medicine company Sido Muncul. The pharmaceutical researchers at the company managed to find various healthy ingredients, one of which is the Tolak Angin product.


Lecturer Profile

The following is the list of lecturers of Bachelor of Pharmacy Study Program, Nahdlatul Ulama University Yogyakarta.