S1 Accounting


S1 Accounting

UNU Yogyakarta Accounting study program has a vision “To become an Accounting study program that produces competent professionals in the financial field who are able to compete at the national and global levels”. This vision is in line with the core competencies of accounting which focuses on the presentation of financial information and reporting.

Every institution, whether profit-oriented or not, definitely needs talents who have the ability to present informative financial reporting. Responding to this need, accounting has always been a field, both business and social. Based on this fact, accounting is a science that is always relevant, both now and in the future.


Learning Outputs

  1. Able to prepare tax liability reports systematically for individual and corporate taxpayers, by calculating and reconciling taxation in accordance with the tax consultant code of ethics, and tax legislation in force in Indonesia by computerization.
  2. Able to compile, analyze, interpret financial reports with the principles of planning and control of entities, profit and non-profit companies prepared based on General Financial Accounting Standards and Entities Without Public Accountability
  3. Able to design an information technology-based product and service costing system that emphasizes the cost view and process view.
  4. Able to carry out planning, management, monitoring as well as evaluating creative and innovative businesses in accordance with global dynamics
  5. Able to identify income and expenses of business ventures to achieve targets as well as compile reports on sales profit results.
  6. Able to carry out audit procedures and compile audit working papers through collecting and summarizing audit evidence on the financial statements of commercial entities in accordance with audit standards and statutory provisions applicable in auditing financial statements.
  7. Able to lead the development of economic research based on relevant philosophies, so as to benefit science and the benefit of mankind.

Career Outlook

  1. Business accountant
  2. Entrepreneur
  3. Tax Consultant
  4. Auditor
  5. Government Accountant
  6. Certified Financial Analyst ‘CFA’
  7. Appraisal
  8. Forensic Auditor
  9. Sharia Accountant
  10. Fiduciary Accountant

Success Story

All bona fide companies or institutions need accountants. Starting from handling audits, taxes, to recording transactions requires a reliable accountant. One of the world-famous accounting service providers is KPMG. KPMG recruits many professional accountants to help thousands of companies and institutions handle their accounting work. Want to understand and develop in the world of professional accounting? Let’s join the Accounting Study Program at UNU Jogja right now!


Lecturer Profile

The following is the list of lecturers of S1 Accounting Study Program, Nahdlatul Ulama University Yogyakarta.