S1 Agribusiness


S1 Agribusiness

Food is a major commodity in Indonesia, besides the need for food derived from agricultural products has an important role in the survival of humans. If basic food needs are well met, then other sectors can also be mobilized properly. This shows that job prospects in the field of Agribusiness are needed. On the other hand, Agribusiness is oriented towards sustainable agricultural development, one of which is the food supply chain.

UNU Yogyakarta supports the preparation of human resources who are able to manage aspects of cultivation, processing of natural resources, post-harvest, to the product marketing stage.


Learning Outputs

  1. Solve problems in the field of human resource management, apply agricultural economic theory, agricultural economic concepts and marketing of agribusiness products professionally,
  2. Utilizing science and technology to design the technical design of agricultural business and halal industry management professionally from upstream to downstream.
  3. Able to apply general knowledge of the concepts of crop production, communication and agricultural sociology and be able to formulate problem solving in the field of agribusiness.
  4. Conduct in-depth studies and research on agricultural business

Career Prospects

  1. Entrepreneur
  2. Academics
  3. Expert
  4. Agricultural Extension Worker
  5. Agribusiness Manager
  6. Facilitator in Agriculture
  7. Halal Facilitator

Success Story

Fajar Sidik Abdullah, one of the leaders of UNU Jogja, founded a startup called Banoo with his colleagues to help fish farmers, especially in Indonesia. As we know, the utilization and management of potential aquaculture land in Indonesia is still very minimal. This can happen due to several factors. One of them is the absence of appropriate technology and fisheries technology systems that can maximize the potential of the land area while increasing fisheries production per existing land area. This causes the income of fish farmers and cultivators in Indonesia to be relatively small.

Banoo’s technology, named Mycrofish, can produce 40 micron-sized air bubbles in the water that can increase dissolved oxygen in the water by 7 – 10 ppm. With the increase in dissolved oxygen in the water, the quality of pond water can improve which directly impacts the health and growth of fish. Mycrofish is also combined with an IoT Water Quality Sensor that can monitor water quality in real-time.

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Lecturer Profile

The following is the list of lecturers of S1 Agribusiness Study Program, Nahdlatul Ulama University Yogyakarta.